Seomra teaghlaigh - The Living Room

Living Room


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Park Bench
  • Bench - Binse
    the bench an binse
    Tá Máirín agus Tom ar an bhinse.
    Maureen and Tom are on the bench.


    Rocking Chair

  • Chair - Cathaoir

  • the Chair - an cathaoir
    Shuigh sé ar an chathaoir.
    He sat on the chair



  • Cuchion - Cúisín

  • the cushion an cúisín
    Thit mé a chodladh ar an chúisín.
    I fell asleep on the cushion.



  • Lamp - Lampa

  • the lamp an lampa
    Tá mo lampa rógheal.
    My lamp is too bright.



  • Livingroom - Seomra teaghlaigh

  • the livingroom - an seomra teaghlaigh
    Gabh isteach sa seomra teaghlaigh.
    Go into the living room.


    Baby Picture
  • Picture - Pictiúr

  • the Picture - an pictiúr
    Phéinteáil sí pictiúr galánta.
    She painted a beautiful picture.


    Home radiator for heating system

  • Radiator - Radaitheoir

  • the Radiator - an radaitheoir
    Tá an radaitheoir fuar.
    The radiator is cold


    Shaking out a rug

  • Rug - Ruga

  • the Rug - an ruga
    Ní maith liom an ruga sin.
    I don't like that rug.


    a red sofa

  • Sofa - Tolg

  • the sofa an tolg
    Cheannaigh mé tolg beag dearg.
    I bought a small red sofa.



  • Television - Teilifíseán

  • an teilifíseán
    Cas an teilifíseán as.
    Turn off the television.



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