Miss Featherston

Miss Fetherston or "Carolan's devotion" : Carolan met this young lady on his way to church in Granard, and later, at Mass, "instead of praying for Miss Fetherston, as she requested, he neglected his religious duties to compose a song on her". It is said to be the only song for which Carolan composed words in English.

On a fair Suday morning devoted to be
Attentive to a sermon that was ordered for me,
I met a fresh rose on the road by decree,
And though Mass was my notion, my devotion was she. Welcome, fair lily, white and red,
Welcome was every word we said;
Welcome, bright angel of noble degree,
I wish you would love, and that I were with thre.
I pray don't frown at me with mouth or with eye --
So I told the fair maiden, with heart full of glee,
Though the Mass was my notion, my devotion was she.

                                  Poco Andanate

Thanks to Donal O'Sullivan for his permission to use these notations
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