Now newsboy.gif (2586 bytes)  presenting Crosfhocal as Gaeilge.

These are the first of a series of Irish puzzles.
Background Music: Go lassie go.

Buntús - Beginner's.
Fill in the blanks Karen McKelvey
Peata - Pets & animals.
Ainmhi eile - Other animals.
Iasc - Fish
Irregular Verbs.
Nautical Words & Terms.

Ceisteanna minic a thig
Frequently asked questions [ FAQ ]

These are the first of a series of Irish crossword puzzles. These puzzles are interactive and can be worked on the screen. There are visual and audible cues as you go through the game. You navigate with the mouse, the space bar, the arrow keys and you can even cheat by pressing enter but this will take points off your final score. The score is being kept electronically. Have fun and learn irish.

1. Why can't I see the puzzle on my computer screen?

Your browser may not have Java enabled. Make the selection to enable Java. Some people have disabled Java in Netscape when a news report advised it. You may have an older browser that does not support Java. This may be the right time to upgrade to the latest browser. The puzzles have been tested and run fine under AOL 5.0 and Microsoft Explorer.

2. Where do I begin to enter my first puzzle word?

When the puzzle pops up you will see a green square followed by yellow squares. The green square is active and you type the first letter there. Then the following yellow square will become green. You are always typing in the green square. The yellow squares indicate the spaces for subsequent letters.

3. Why are some of the letters I type black and others red?

The black letters are correct. The red letters are incorrect entries.

4. How do I get back to correct my mistakes?

Use the arrows on you keyboard to navigate.

5. Why can't I see the puzzle clue when I switch to a horizontal word?

Switching from a horizontal word to a vertical one and vice versa requires that you press the space bar once in order to toggle on the clue and navigate in the new direction.

6. What is cheating and how is it done?

Cheating is a learning tool to be used when you want to learn the words in a difficult puzzle. You cheat by positioning the green square in a word and pressing the ENTER key. Successive enters will reveal the entire word so that you can learn it. After you've done this, you will want to go back and work the puzzle the honest way to see how well you do.

7. How do I type a fada on a letter in the puzzle?

Right now there is no way to type in the fada except by cheating. You can either type in the letter without the fada which I don't recommend or press ENTER so that the letter with its fada appears. This will affect your score and you will have to do some mental arithmetic to correct it.

Courtesy of Vivian & Jack Hennessey