Timpeall an Chistin - Around the Kitchen


Kitchen Sink


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  • Bowl - Babhla

  •  the Bowl - an Babhla
    An bhfuil babhla de dhíth ort?
    Do you need a bowl?


    Broken bottle

  • Bottle - Buidéal

  • the Bottle - an Buidéal
    Bhris mé an buidéal.
    I broke the bottle.



  • n/a Cook -Cócaire

  • the chef an cócaire
    Ba mhaith liom bheith i mo chócaire.
    I want to be a chef.


    Cup of tea

  • Cup - Cupán

  • the cup an cupán
    An mbeidh cupán tae agat?
    Would you like a cup of tea?



  • Cutlery - Sceanra

  • n/a
    Cuir an sceanra ar an tábla.
    Put the cutlery on the table.


    a dinner fork

  • Fork - Forc

  • the Fork - an Forc
    Lig mé don fhorc titim.
    I dropped my fork.


    a fryingpan

  • Frying pan - friochtán

  • the Frying pan - an friochtán
    Tá an friochtán de dhíth orm.
    I need the frying pan


    Empty Glass

  • Glass - Gloine

  • the glass an Ghloine
    Tá mo ghloine folamh.
    My glass is empty.



  • Kettle - Citeal

  • the Kettle - an citeal
    Cuir an citeal síos.
    Put the kettle on.


    Cup of tea

  • Kitchen - Cistin

  • the kitchen an chistin
    Tá Diarmuid sa chistin.
    Diarmuid is in the kitchen


  • Water - Uisce

  • Glass of water the Water - an t-Uisce
    Tá an t-uisce fuar.
    The water is cold.


  • Knife - scian

  • the Knife an scian
    Tá scian de dhíth orm.
    I need a knife.


    Burning Match stick

  • Match - lasán

  • the match - lasán
    An bhfuil lasán agat?
    Do you have a match?


    Coffee mug

  • Mug_Muga

  • the Mug an Muga
    Is é sin an muga is fearr léi.
    That is her favourite mug.


  • Pot - Pota
  • the Pot - an Pota
    Tá an pota sa chófra.
    The pot is in the cupboard.


    Dinner plate

  • Plate - Pláta

  • the Plate - an Pláta
    An bhfuil pláta de dhíth ort?
    Do you need a plate?



  • Refrigerator - Cuisneoir

  • an Cuisneoir
    Tá bainne sa chuisneoir.
    There is milk in the refrigerator.


    Measuring cough medicine into a spoon

  • Spoon - spúnóg

  • the Spoon - an spúnóg
    Tá spunóg de dhíth orm don mhilseog.
    I need a spoon for my dessert.


    Old Stove

  • Stove - Cócaireán

  • the stove an cócaireán
    Tá an cócaireán salach.
    The stove is dirty.



  • Saucer Fochupán

  • the Saucer Fochupán
    Níl fochupán agam.
    I do not have a saucer.



  • Sink - Doirteal

  • the Sink - Doirteal
    Tá na soithí salacha sa doirteal.
    The dirty dishes are in the sink.



  • Table - tábla

  • the table an tábla
    Suigh ag an tábla seo.
    Sit at this table.



  • Toaster - tóstaer

  • an tóstaer
    Cuir an t-arán sa tóstaer..
    Put the bread in the toaster.



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