Focal an Lae - Word of the Day 21.

Boy sets up his tent
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. Dog fetched the stick
  • Stick - Cipin

  • the stick - an cipin
    Chaith sé cipín don mhadadh.
    He threw a stick for the dog.

    Boy building a sandcastle

  • Castle - caisleán

  • the Castle - an Caisleán
    Bhí an caisleán dorcha fuar.
    The castle was dark and cold.

    Boy building a tent

  • Tent - puball

  • the tent - an puball
    Tá siad sa phuball s'acu.

    Boy tossed Basketball into the hoop.building a tent

  • Basket - Cisean

  • the Basket - an Cisean
    Tá an ciseán folamh.
    The basket is empty.

    Boy jumping rope

  • Rope - Rópa

  • the Rope - an Rópa
    Tá an rópa sean.
    The rope is old.

<li> <a href=Paintbrush - Scuab péinte
    the Paintbrush - an Scuab phéinte
    Cheannaigh mé scuab phéinte agus péint.
    I bought a paintbrush and paint.

  • Ball - Liathróid
  • Dog with a tennis ball.
    the Ball - an Liathróid
    Ciceáil an liathróid!.
    Kick the ball!

    Hand of playing cards.

  • Playing Card - carta imeartha

  • the playing card an cárta imeartha
    Tá cárta imeartha ar iarraidh.
    There is a playing card missing.


  • Doll - bábóg

  • the Doll - an bábóg
    Is grá léi a bábóg nua.
    She loves her new doll.

    Basketball game
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