119 Dochtúir Ó Conchubhair - Dr. O'Connor
Dochtúir Ó Conchubhair - Dr. O'Connor

Family Crest of O' Connor
O'Connor Family Crest

It is not possible to identify the subject of this air; but it is perhaps worth noting that a poem written by an unknown author of Carolan's period (three stanzas) congratulates a person named O'Connor who has obtained a diploma to practice medicine. It begins A Chonchobhair atá hfhurtún-sa dénta' (O'Connor, your fortune is made')

Notations: Carolan, the Life and Times of a Irish Harper by Donal O'Sullivan
Compliments of Vivian and Jack Hennessey, IrishPage.com 2004
For phonetics consult the pocket dictionary Fóclóir Póca.

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