Pléaráca Crilí - Planxty Crilly

Crilly Family Crest
Crilly Family Crest

The subject is unknown but the tune is thought to come from the northern half of Ireland, and there was a family named Crilly in Louth in Carolan's time. Carolan is known to have visited Louth, and the tune may have been composed for a member of this family. The term Planxty is often applied to certain of Carolan's pieces. O'Sullivan has dropped it , with a few exceptions, from the titles of these pieces, chiefly because it is not commonly found in the earlier (and probably more authentic) sources. ... O'Sullivan v 2 p 16; v 1 p 150.

Song Notations

Notations are courtesy of Carolan, the Life and Times of an Irish Harper by Dónal O'Sullivan p. Celtic Music Edition 1983.

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