Pléaráca O' Carolan - Planxty O' Carolan

The old harpers insisted on a status of social equality with their patrons. In general this was freely conceded, and any exceptions were punished, as when MacAleer played what he called 'servant's music' for Counsellor Stewart's wife because she had him shown into the servants hall and not into the drawing-room. It is clear that this social equality was fully enjoyed by Carolan. Charles O'Conor tells us 'that he was above playing for hire.' At the houses where he visited, he was welcomed more as a friend than as an itinerant minstrel. His visits were regarded as favors conferred, and his departure never failed to occasion regret. Carolan married Mary Maguire, whom Walker describes as a 'young lady of good family in Co. Fermanagh.' O'Sullivan v 1 p 41.

Song Notations

Notations are courtesy of Carolan, the Life and Times of an Irish Harper by Dónal O'Sullivan v 1 p 262 Celtic Music Edition 1983.

Courtesy of Vivian and Jack Hennessey,, 2005.
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This music was previously called Carolan's 7th Untitled Piece.

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