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ÓCearbhalláin agus a Ceol
The Best of Carolan and his Music

The harper, like the poet, had always been honored in Ireland and was welcome in the mansions of wealthy landowners. There he would be lavishly feted, and, in exchange, compose a song in praise of the host. After a few days, he would move on to the estate of another rich man. Carolan was thus able to live handsomely, mingle with society's upper crust, and compose many lovely tunes.


Sí beag Sí mhor +
Carolan's receipt +
Rose Dillan +
Bumper Squire Jones +
Maggie Browne +
Carolan's Cap +
William O'Flynn +
Lord Inchiquin +
Carolan's Concerto +
Captain Gerald Dillan
Luke Dillan
Scott's Lament +
Mrs Edwards +
Hugh O'Dónal +
Frank Palmer
O'Hara's Cup
Mervyn Pratt
Morgan Magan

Perhaps no figure in the history of Irish music is more beloved than the harper-composer Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738). Carolan was born near Nobber in County Meath. His father John, most likely a small farmer, moved the family to the Roscommon-Leitrim district when Turlough was fourteen and eventually came to work at an iron foundary at Aldersford owned by the MacDermott Roe family. Turlough's intelligence impressed Mrs. McDermott Roe, who generously had him educated alongside of her own children until he was eighteen.

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