Beo ar fad - All Alive

This tune is by Carolan. It is doubtful whether 'All Alive' was its original title, though thee can be no certainty on that point. Petrie has the following note: 'This tune-- together with many others-- was obtained through the kindness of a friend from a neatly written manuscript music-book of the middle of the last century which contained about three hundred of the dance tunes at that period apparently the most popular amongst the higher classes of Ireland. In its style it exhibits an affinity to that of the Jigs and Planxties of Carolan.

Song Notations

Notations are courtesy of Carolan, the Life and Times of an Irish Harper by Dónal O'Sullivan vol 1 Celtic Music Edition 1983.

Courtesy of Vivian and Jack Hennessey,, 2005.
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Filleadh go liosta
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