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Óg An Lae - Seachtain 9

Christmas Week -Ógs

DátaFocalAs BearlaSampla
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Dec 29CalógFlake Tá na calóga shneachta ag drithle ar na cranna
T+awe no(t) coll(ar)+og(re)+u(p) sh(e)+knock+to(n) egg dri(p)+t+le(t) air no(t) cran(berry)+u(p).
The snow flakes are sparkling on the trees .
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Dec 30Tógto Build Támuid inniu ag tóg an athaontú na hÉireann
Tore+m+wid(ow) egg tog(a)(f)un at+(p)ain+too no(t) hair+in.
We are building today the reunification of Ireland.
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Dec 31CleathógCue Bhí na carúleori ag gabheir cheol cleathóg.
(Na)vy no(t) carol+eerie egg gav(el)+(h)er coal c+let+og(re).
The caroleers were singing on cue.
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Jan 1BothógCabin Tá mé í mo chonaí in hEireinn ag bothóg ceann tuí ar an samradh.
T+awe may (f)ee mu(t) hone+e(at) in hair+in egg boat+og(re) cane tw(ist)+(f)ee air (b)un Sam+rod.
I am going to live in Ireland in a thatched roof cabin in the summer.
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Jan 2CabógClown Tag é isteach 1998 mar cabóg!
To(dd)+g (d)ay 1998 is+Chuck mar(ble) co(t)+bog(us).
1998 comes in like a Clown!
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It's been a complete pleasure working with all of you these last 2 months. The -Ógs were a lot of fun. But now it's time for me to look back and confer with my Irish Scholar friends to clean some of them up. For me as a poor beginner student, it was an awesome undertaking.
I thank all you who helped me and encouraged me by your Email. My advice to all beginning students is to learn your -Ógs. They are the best and simplest vocabulary builders in the language. And it was just by luck that I came upon the idea.
Continue to follow the columns on CyberSpoke Learns - cause my work has only just begun. Send me news stories for my newest project NUACT AN SEACHTAIN. Sláinte agus Táinte, mo chiarde! Seán Ó hAonasa - aka Jack Hennessey