-Óg an Lae - Seachtain 6

Buachaillóg Green Guy's Og

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Dec 6Buachaillóg Young Boy Chonaic slu'a buachaillo'g uainne ag troid ar oi'che.
? slew-ah buk-a-loh-g win-ah eg trid air oy-cha.
I saw a gang of green boys fighting in the night.
Dec 7Puro'g Pebble Maraigh David an Go'liath mo'r le puro'g e'.
mar-eye david un goliath more leh poor-oh-g a.
David slew the great Goliath with a pebble.
Dec 8Bullo'g Loaf Ta' Liam ag goid bullo'g ara'n.
taw liam eg gid bull-oh-g arawn.
Liam is stealing a loaf of bread.
Dec 9Ialto'g Bat Is feidier le Ialto'g dhraoiocht a bheith ag feicail sa dorchacht.
no clue! (ih-s feh-der leh ill-toh-g gray-oct uh veeth ag feh-cal saw dahr-cact.)
The magical bat can see in the dark.
Dec 10Blio'g Pansy
(Effeminate Man)
Ta' tu' blio'g!
taw too bly-oh-g.
You're a pansy!
Dec 11Cisteog Casket Roghnaigh Maire na blathanna as gort, agus chuir si' iad san Cisteog.
no clue! ? mary na blah-than-ah us gore-t, ah-gus cheer see eed sah-n sis-tee-oh-g.
Mary picked flowers out of a field and put them in a casket.
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