-Óg an Lae Seachtain 5.

You'd better not make the Irish angry because they have been known to say things like: Droch-bás ort! - A bad death on you! - or - Scread na maiden ort! "May you wake up screaming in the morning! A curse during the great famane people woke up screaming with hunger. How about Bascadh agus bacach ort "Wounds and lameness on you! As you see this page is dedicated to a darker side of the language.

DátaFocalAs BearlaSampla
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Nov 29Bás ÓgDeath Young Bhí crua ag troid ar an bás an gluaisrothareor Gaelach óg.
V+(b)e egg t+rid air (b)un boss (b)un glue+ace+rower+or gale+luck og(re)
The young Irish biker was fighting hard to the death.
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Nov 30BodógHefty Woman Bhí mé ag troid le Bodóg.
V+(b)e may egg t+rid le(t) bud+og(re)
I was fighting with the hefty woman.
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Dec 1PutógPuddingIs maith lion putóg bhán ach is fearr lion putóg lán de putóg dhubh.
V+(b)Is Ma p+(h)oot+og(re) v+on (l)uck is far l+yon p+(b)oot+og(re) lawn jay p+(b)oot+og(re) dove.
I like white pudding but I prefer to stuff myself with black pudding.
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