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Cluiche: Hot Rod

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Foclóir - Vocabulary:
Cas ar dheas. Turn right.
Cas ar chlé. Turn left.
Ná cas. Don't turn.
Lean ort. Keep going.
Téigh ar ais. Go back.
Lean an carr sin. Follow that car.
Execution Tips:
Click on any puzzle piece next to the blank square to move it into the square occupied by the blank. Continue until all pieces are in the proper order to reveal the picture
To start a new puzzle, click 'Tosach' [Start]. To cheat and solve this puzzle click 'Críoch' [Finish].
FAQ: frequently asked questions.

Why can't I see the puzzle on my screen? Your browser has Java disabled. Enable it.

Where can I find more Irish vocabulary about roads and traffic? Visit my page about Roads.

Is there a purpose to these puzzles? Just to learn vocabulary while having fun.

Will there be other puzzles like this on this site? Yes! There will be puzzles with Irish Pub Scenes, Countryside srl. They are in the process of being prepared.

Can I submit a picture that would make a good puzzle? Absolutely, yes! Just email it to me as a jpg size 320 x 240 pixels. Send some vocabulary you think will go with it and I will post it as a puzzle. You will be given written credit for it besides.

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