Na tráthanna Brúite - Rush Hour

Stuck in traffic again! Help the red Volkswagen get home. Put your mouse on a bus or car blocking the Beetle and move it out of the way. Vehicles can only be moved forward or in reverse. They do not turn. The object of the game is to clear a path so that the red car can exit. Do this in the fewest moves to get the highest score.

Rest mouse on blue numbers to translate:

1. Tá an trácht ina stad.

2. An beidh an trácht ar siúl go luath?

3. An raibh inneall an charr sin trí tine?

4. An bhfuil an tsráid faoi uisce?

5. 'S é an tsráid seo an carrchlos is fada sa domhain.

6. Tá mo charr in ord agus in inneall.

7. Ná stop an carr san trasnú.

8. Tá daoine ag spaisteoireacht ar an taobh siul.

9. Ná pairceal dubailte!

10. Bun Bás!

11. Is plód tráchta é!

12. Is timpiste tráchta é!

Background Music: Foggy Dew.
Thanks for grammar corrections
to Brad Wilson
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