Cluiche: Matchit

Cló: 2000.11.07

Courtesy of The J Maker <-- panel background color: R G B --> <-- panel foreground color: R G B --> <-- button background color: R G B --> <-- button foreground color: R G B --> Focloir- Irish Vocabulary:
tráta oráiste
fíonchaor brútín
mealbhacán uisce úll
cúcamar banana
Playing Tips:
Click on Nua to start a new game. The photos are then hidden & scrambled. Click 'Feic' to give up and reveal the board. After clicking on Nua, click on any block, then click on the second one. If the blocks match, they will be removed. Otherwise, they will flip over again. When all photos are gone, find your winning score. To start a new game, click on the 'Nua' button.
Background Music: The foggy dew.
Java courtesy of The J Maker .
Irish courtesy of Vivian & Jack.
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