Bob Cárta - A Card Trick

picture of the magician

Is mise O'hAonasa, an Dríodóir mor.

I am the magician, O'Hennessey, the Great.

This one has made a complete fool out of me. I hope you have the same kind of luck. After you have thought about this for awhile, pass it on to those poor unsuspecting friends you just love to pull something over on. Be ready to explain how O'Hennessey does this, 'cause they're going to ask!

Rest your mouse arrow on the shamrock for the phonetics, rest it on a card to see it's name in Irish Gaelic.
Click on the headphones below to hear the streaming audio recording.

Pioc cárta amach den chuid seo a leanas.
Pick out one of the following cards.

an seacht Triuf an sé Hart

Playing cards possibly originated in China.

They were introduced to the Western world by the Gypsies traveling from India or by the Crusaders returning from the Middle East.

They made their way to Europe, where they first arrived about the year 1370.

Within a few years they spread from the south to north.

Ná cliceáil air.
Don't click on it.

Cuir é i d'intinn.
Just keep it in your head.

Téigh; síos tar éis an cárta a phiocadh.
Scroll down when you have picked your card.

Cuimhnigh ar an gcárta ar feadh fiche soicind roimh O'hAonasa.
Think about your card for 20 seconds in front of O Hennessey.

picture of the magician

Beidh sé ag iarraigh d'intinn a léamh.
He will try to read your mind.

Téigh; síos tar éis 20 soicind.
Scroll down after 20 seconds.

an seacht Hart an sé Triuf an seacht Spéireata

an sé Muileata

Bhain O'hAonasa,an Mor do charta as.
O Hennessey,the great has removed your card!

picture of the magician

Cupla focail as O'hAonasa

TO HEAR THE AUDIO of the phrases below, click on the headphones. Be patient, the sound may take a minute.

do you have a deck of cards?
do you want to play?
shuffle the cards.
cut the cards.
deal the cards.
pick out a card.
pick up a card.
lay down a card.
it's your turn.
wait your turn.
an bhfuil paca cárta agat?
ar mhaith leat imirt?
suaith na cártí.
bris na cártí.
roinn na cártí.
pioc cárta amach.
pioc cárta suas
luí sios cárta.
is leatsa anois.
fan le d'am.

Courtesy of Vivian and Jack 2003
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