Animal Idioms

An túsa Turcaí?

Choose the appropriate animal to complete these idioms. There is only one correct answer, even if other answers seem more convincing to you!

  1. He ate everything himself and made a real ...... of himself.
    muc madra asal

  2. There's no point in dodging the issue. You've got to take the ...... by the horns.
    gabhar tarbh ó

  3. The competition is far too tough. We don't stand a ...... in hell's chance of winning.
    madra cat iasc

  4. You've got to do it. You can't ...... out now.
    luch luch francach sicin

  5. You're far too stubborn. Stop being so ......-headed.
    asal capall muc

  6. It was great to see him again. We haven't met for ......'s years.
    turtar asal eilifint

  7. Don't worry about her. She wouldn't hurt a .......
    capall luch cuileog

  8. He's going to tell the boss. That will set the cat among the .......
    luch colur sicin

  9. His boss is always ordering him to do things he doesn't want to. He leads a ......'s life.
    madra muc capall

  10. Things aren't what they used to be. This country's going to the ........
    muc madra caora

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