Lesson 3 - Numbers above 10

Lesson 3 - Numbers above 10

The License Plate Game - Counting past ten!

This game really flexes your mind to learn the numbers and kills a lot of time on your daily commute to work or school..

When a car passes, read the numbers on its tag in Irish and speak them aloud if possible. Here are the higher numbers:

1,000 aon mil (p)ain meal
1,001 aon mil is aon (p)ain meal (h)iss (p)ain
1,001 aon mil is dó (p)ain meal (h)iss (d)ough
"ïs" is a contraction for the word agus. It means "and" The above means one thousand and one, one thousand and two etc.

100 cead kay + d
101 cead is aon kay +d (h)iss (p)ain
102 cead is dó kay + d (h)iss (d)ough
Counting the teens - déag means teen but is used from 11 on!

11 aon déag (p)ain jay + (h)ug
12 dó déag dough jay + (h)ug
13 trí déag tree jay + (h)ug
14 cathair déag ca(t) her jay + (h)ug
15 cúig déag coo(l) + wig jay + (h)ug
16 sé déag sha(ve) jay + (h)ug
17 séocht déag sha(ve) + oct(ave) jay + (h)ug
18 ocht déag oct(ave) jay + (h)ug
19 naoi déag new e(ast) jay + (h)ug
Counting by tens to 100!

10 deich de(bt)
20 fïche fee hu(t)
30 triocha tree oh cu(t)
40 daichead dike head
50 caoga
60 seasca
70 seachtó
100 cëad

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